Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Upgrade Landslide

So, I have been a little vocal, irate maybe about this luxury tax stuff. So, I thought I would show you this, just so you can see my side. I know a few people seem to think I am a whiner, but you know what happens when you are running at the top of the leader boards? Things happen to you first. I was mocked for the sell me messages when I would beg people to sell me, and now it is common to see them, common for people to ask for their shares back.
Want to see what happens when you spend the time and effort to make your portfolio make money, for people buying you? This:

That large spike at the end there is the refund I got for the price drop in upgrades. Even accounting for that, I would not make it back up to where I started before the upgrade.
So my stock price goes up, my portfolio gets decimated and never recovers. Is there really any point doing these stock upgrades really?
And now, because I am so good at making money, I am further penalized with a tax?
I guess I could run to the shady side and start group buying and smashing stocks for my own gain.. or I can bitch and be vocal.
If there is logic to this, I haven't figured it out. But I know one thing, if I had to do it all over again. I would absolutely not upgrade. No matter what I try to do here, it seems I just get screwed.


  1. I agree on the upgrades. I pushed it further and faster than anyone else. I'd be making a lot more money if I just sat tight, but I wanted to be on the leaderboard for launch. Thought that would help.

    I'd like to start group buying and smashing stocks, can you tell me where this is happening?

  2. I would but those dealings are top secret, at least until posted on youtube.

  3. You certainly have a way about your dissent, Fray -- We might not always agree but i always (and fear) enjoy your rage!! :D

    a lol at the 'crushing' exchange too. Chris, i think you will need to take that up with your past and/or current members.

  4. Dups says some of it is fixed here:

    I still don't see the logic of upgrading, but the tax I can live with, I guess..

  5. Let's drop the smashing stuff and try to be civil.

    I think this is an added complexity, but won't ever be seen by the casual players. I'm worried about additional game mechanic changes unless the intent is to simplify. There are too many people that are driven away by the current complexity.

    The tax is a so-so idea, I can live with it (but I don't experience it yet, heh).

  6. Let's not and say we did. I could keep my mouth shut, but I have been doing that for the most part about him for 2 months. He is a bully and I am going to call it like I see it, esp on MY blog. you want to make rules, do it on yours.

    I am not quite sure why you want to be in the middle of it all anyway, nothing has been said really about you, and it has been a long time coming, since before your time.

  7. Ok maybe I am just not getting it, but even if I can live with the tax I have some questions.

    Is it really the idea of ea to have all players compete against eachother no matter how long ppl have been playing??? Because thats frankly not making sense in my mind. I went in in Beta, not one of the first but among the first 1000 ppl or so. After that I have worked hard to get a nice strategy and earn lots of eaves and grow. I never expected when I joined to be in the same position as Britl or Josh that were way ahead of me, I only expected to compete with the ppl that joined around the same time.

    Think about it in the long term, the longer you have played, the more daily eaves you will get by the way the game is set, that is just how it turns out. Even if new ppl only log in once a day to spend their daily eaves they will grow big the longer they have played.. so is the point that all players regardless of how long they have been playing end up with the same daily income then this is not a stock trade game, cus frankly in the real world its eat or be eaten…

    New ppl can make it to the boards, but if you think its a problem then perhaps you need to twitch the appearance of the current leaderboards. Maybe by showing more than the top 50ppl, let new arrivals be on for 1month instead of 1 week, add some additional tabs, for like wealth for new arrivals as well etc.

    Well thats my 2 cents =)

  8. But you have indirectly dragged me into this by way of association. I attempted to have a civil conversation about taxes/upgrades, but have just been attacked. It is senseless, so I will cease further attempts at communication.

  9. I don't see it, but you are entitled to your opinion.