Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vampire Mob On Empire Ave

Somehow while I was talking about the Vampire Mob City Facebook game on Twitter Vampire Mob started following me. I found this funny and went and checked it out. This Vampire Mob is NOT a Facebook game!. I have to admit they are the best random follower I have ever had.

Vampire Mob is a web series about a guy who has become a Vampire and what that does to his family life. You see, his wife decides to bite her mother. The mother in law decides she is moving in. Forever.

It curses as much as I do, it is funny and refreshing, and I am completely addicted. The cast rocks: John Colella (CSI: NY, The West Wing), Reamy Hall (General Hospital, Bowfinger)Marcia Wallace (The Simpsons, The Bob Newhart Show), Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds), Chris Mulkey (Twin Peaks, Boardwalk Empire).  It is created, written & directed by Joe Wilson

We are now on episode 2. In order to unlock each episode the previous one needs a certain number of views. If you are a friend on my Facebook, you have seen me post about this over and over again. I NEED Episode 3. I can't get to episode 3 unless you guys go watch episode 2! You should also watch episode one so you know what is going on. 

For your convenience they are here: They are only 6 minutes long BTW and curse better than my twitter feed on PMS week :)

Episode One

Episode Two

If you go to the website and become part of the inner circle, there are perks. 

There is a fan page on Facebook and they are @VampireMob on Twitter. 

Why is this on an Empire Avenue blog? Well Vampire Mob is now on EAv. e(VMOB) 

I have been plugging this stock for a couple days, and this is why:

  • Their twitter interaction is great! 
  • They actually respond to their followers, ask us questions, retweet and get retweeted. 
  • They have an active Facebook.
  • They have a blog. 
  • They already have this social media thing under control. 
  • I like them and the series.

It is just a complete win to me. I highly recommend you check out the shows, follow on twitter, pick up some stock and say hi. You really won't regret it. 


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