Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Buying red, selling green

This is the twitter discussion we were having this morning. A bunch of people are stuck at sold out, which means they have no cash flow coming in to go buy stocks. Yeah, you can be all boohoo to us, but your tune will change when it happens to you.
I will put in here once again how much I detest trading. The person who you are trading gets zero value for it. I have yet to see a stock price move because of it, and the person traded doesn't make a dime off of the transaction. I really have sold people who do it. It annoys me, and in Empire Ave we vote with shares and follows. This is how I vote.
While we were discussing this, the topic of "well, I am not sold out, so sells still hurt me" came up. Sells do not hurt you. They may hurt your feelings, but they do not hurt you. Any stock that is moving, one way or the other is a good stock. Ignoring the weird fluctuations from the market makers adjusting over the last few days, any stock that rises or falls a lot is a good stock. See you have the people on the "ZOMG this stock rose 4 points" kick who rush to buy in, (which still makes no sense to me) the stock ALREADY rose 4 points, you wanted it yesterday. Then you have the "ZOMG this stock dropped half a point" and people start bailing. OH NOEZ I AM GOING BROKE!! Just like in real estate, you do not lose money until you sell, guys. What happens when people go and sell that stock that dipped a little and then people freak out and sell em, and that little drop turns into a big drop? You make a nice, juicy stock for the more 'portfolio' players to go sweep up. As long as that player is showing activity, and wasn't using unnatural activity, those are the sweet stocks to buy.
You want to be selling green and buying red. Buy on sale, sell when you have made money. Of course you are going to have to bail on a few stocks along the way, some people are just not going to grasp it, or will burn themselves out with unnatural activity instead of smart activity. However you will make a lot more money.
My fave stocks to buy are the ones sticking around 11 for a while that are out there asking what to do. Smart people, who are using twitter and using facebook but just haven't quite got the hang of getting the most out of it. I have made a lot of eaves off of those guys :)
However, this weekend market maker thing is killing me. I have dropped my portfolio flipping down to a fraction of what I used to do, I have 'keeper' stock for the most part, but they are sooo in the green it is killing me to not sell them lol

Anyway, that is my thought of the day, if you don't agree, feel free to sell me, e(POOKA), and no, I am not sending you the link. You should know my now to add the ticker to the end of www.empireavenue.com/ to get to a person's profile. Lazy bums :P


  1. 99% of the sells I see, without being sold out are of the "ZOMG this stock dropped half a point" variety. I make no money when everyone sells me, only when someone sweeps in to buy me!

  2. Look at KYLE and his crazy weekend drops, he is the master of this. And if you didn't have those sells you would be out of stock in no time and screwed like those of us with none to sell. And 99% of the people playing this game are not hitting the wealth leader board are they? They are following "stock picks" and well I am sure you know how I feel on those :P I mock them regularly. I think it is rare that a stock pick is caught in time for normal users to make money. they are self serving for the people picking them. If they can get other people to buy a stock after they do, then they can make money. If you want to separate from the pack and go make some real eaves, you need to figure out how to go find these stocks and do your own thing.. I think my twitter call back picks are as good as any other stock pick out there.. :P

  3. UNLESS you know something we don't like some obscure celebrity joins and we needs a heads up to catch it or they fall of the page.. THAT is a stock pick

  4. What is funny is the traders who try and trade someone for a premium amount - I feel sorry for both the buyer and the person being traded. I've seen people offering 100 shares for 80 eaves when they are only trading for 55...
    I don't panic when the price drops a little, unless it's 3-5 days in a row and my investigation of them shows they are inactive IRL... or when I don't make any dividends off of them for a few days in a row. Now that I'm using the Sharedeck tool from e(SHARE) it's easy to see day to day movement - give the tool and the influencer a try!

  5. I can't make heads or tails of sharedeck. I think trades are a HUGE rip off. I think supporting them is ridiculous. and I don't get the mentality behind it.. being afraid of going a little red. I hope the idiots touting trades as such a fabulous idea to the people who arent smart enough to figure out buying at a premium is stupid, ONLY get traded when they run out of shares and need eaves for an upgrade. But then they would be the same people doing the ridiculous stock picks and buying in packs that only really serves their won interests too.. so if they can find enough lemmings they won't have an issue their either I guess.

  6. great advice ms pooka. i did that sell out thing, so now with no shopping money, i am reading.
    and i came here first

  7. Another great post Fray! And you make even better comments!

    As I've said elsewhere before, I'm not much a fan of the trades system as it currently exists. I've used it just for fun, to offer my "Limited Edition Collector's Shares" of (e)POOKA (e)MILLER, (e)HMMM and now (e)POWER and (e)COREYT. No one has ever taken me up on the offer. I guess no one wants the Commemorative Plates ;) By the way, the Limited Editions are now on display in The Vault. Hop on over to my profile (e)DARING to find out were the vault is located :P

    Related to the trading system, I've never not been able to get a hold of shares of sold out players through the open market. I'm not watching the market like a hawk, but whenever I do log on, I'll just pop on over from time time and check on who I want to buy to see if I can snag 1 or 2 shares at time. It takes a while, but I find it fun, and it keeps me connected to those players I'm interested in.

    As for selling out, I agree, when people sell you, do not get hurt, you become stronger. When someone sells your shares, they give you more shares to sell to others, and your stock price, if it drops, will recover. Last week, I sold out the 10k shares. Then over the past couple of days, my share price dropped some, maybe half a point at first. In the end, people sold 3,000 shares of me. That, in effect, was a free upgrade. My stock price dropped about 3 points, but a couple days later, I'm wealthier than before, and my stock price is up beyond what is was before the sell off.

  8. a lot of people stuck at sold out have me selling off their stocks little by little. I don't have an issue with that. I have been there (am still there) and you need the money at that point.
    If someone wanted the shares I have, I would sell them so they could pick them up without going through the trade system and ripping off the person sold.
    and yeah my comments are getting more opinionated. I like this place.. this game for what it is. I am however really sick of the power hungry high school mentality that seems to be running through it. I have hit my BS threshold with it and am not pulling punches anymore.
    I have never aligned with the power players, and probably never will. The people i talk to and chat with and tend to buy are people. People I enjoy and connect with. I would much rather have this as a social network hub and be at the bottom of the leader board, than it turn into twitter and all of its BS with marketeers marketing to marketers. They seem to forget that there is an end user out there.. a buyer, and if they aren't connecting with their buyer they are treading water.
    Play it hard and act like a jerk.. good for you..
    Connect with people you wouldn't have otherwise met and make some real relationships and you will get more out of empire avenue than you ever expected.