Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today's Updates

So we can buy more shares to sell now. And buying with cash is coming soon. Undecided yet on what I think of that. I actually have zero issue spending money on Empire Avenue. I am just not sure about the value for my cash for those upgrades. Esp the way I go through shares.
And we finally got lists. I love the list idea. And as much as it seems like I am whining about the one list being full of the people I was following, I am not. I really don't mind. It will just take me a while to clean up the 1000 people on it lol.
What I need to do now is wrap my head around what I want the lists to do for me. I know who I want on my content one. I am not so sure about recommended stock. I am not really a person who recommend stocks, I recommend people. I kind of what to see what people are doing with them before I throw a bunch of people on that list. I would hate people to go buy stocks I recommend because of my spot on the leader board, and then be upset that they aren't the movers and shakers.
I am not even sure if I would use all my lists. Friends and family seems like one I wouldn't use. As well as twitter/facebook so far. So i could use those for something else maybe? not sure.
What are you guys doing with yours?


  1. I'm as lost as you are when it comes to Lists. I started in to it, then realized I was basically randomly throwing people in to categories. I think I'll probably stick with stuff like Favorite Content and maybe Watch, and ignore the rest for the most part.

  2. Well, for starters, I added (e)POOKA to the favourite content list.