Sunday, July 11, 2010

WHOAH Market Makers!

LOL my jump was a little um HUGE last night. Pretty cool. The adjustment for the new makers I would assume means that I will be ok through the new ones. Pretty sweet. Beta Rules!
On another note. A few people's Facebooks seem to have disconnected from Empire Avenue again. You shoudl really go post an update on your wall. Give it an hour or so and check that it shows up in your feed. Mine was disconnected for a week again. I so need to start paying attention so I can catch it faster. I didn't adjust any pirvacy settings this time so I have no idea why it did it. My facebook button would still take me to my facebook page but the facebook updates did not come through my feed. You need to click the FB button under the shout out box on your profile to double check yours. If it isn't working, disconnect completely following the instructions on the manage connections for FB page and then re-add it. (you re-add by hitting the disconnect button again lol)

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