Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ticker Tuesday

So here are my Ticker Tuesday picks. Once again, I am picking PEOPLE, people I enjoy following, like having in my portfolio, etc. These people could lose all value and give me zero dividends and I would still have them.
(WRITER)  Brent's was one of the first blogs I found on here. I love his content. He makes me laugh. Super nice guy. I am glad I found him.

(BENBen found me. Check out (MONKEY) too. Great guy. Down to earth, funny and seems like the kinda guy you could hang out and have a beer with and he would have you entertained the whole time.

(MIMII knew Mimi before Empire Ave. She is one of my Egg Breaker friends from way back. Strategy girl. Super smart. Loves birds, loves picking on me. One of my best internet friends. I <3 her.

(PGNOMEI have to choose Darryl since he is my cousin haha. He busts my balls all the time. Great guy. Little off beat and well that is why he is cool. if you can put up with his evil streak :P~~~ Just don't invite him to anything he like NEVER shows up haha

I really have sooo many people to pick. This is crazy. Have I mentioned how mind boggling it is to have connected with so many people I never would have talked to before I started on Empire Avenue? I honestly never expected it.


  1. "These people could lose all value and give me zero dividends and I would still have them."

    I really enjoy your outlook on how to "play" Empire Avenue! It can be so much more than a game, and too many people miss that concept. Good post, Fray!

  2. AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW you are so sweet Fray! <3

  3. I probably deserved those comments, but I do thank you my dear cousin. And hey, I did make it out to one event. Are you coming to the parade on Thursday?

  4. there is a parade on thursday? oohh whatever the hell they are calling klondike days? didnt plan to.. i guess i could if i can wrangle up someone to go with.. do i get to throw stuff at ya?