Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ticker Tuesday

My Ticker Tuesday for today: People I have met in real life. These are the people I have been able to talk to, connect with a bit on a real level. Interesting, smart, funny. All of them. This is the part I didn't really expect of Empire Ave. Meeting such nice people in real life, not just yakking to them from behind a keyboard. Takes a lot to get me out of the house sometimes and they make it worthwhile. I couldn't say enough good things about meeting them, so I won't. I am going to warn you about them instead :)

I met Craig (MILLERand Nadine (NAMat their garage sale, adopted a lovely unicorn that happens to be possessed. You might want to be careful about accepting gifts from them. It is really really cute, but follows me around the house and scares the crap out of me. Sometimes you just have to be careful what you wish for.

Deborah Mirriam (ECOHIPI met at the first Empire Ave meetup. If you follow her on twitter, you are going to hear about bikes and decorating and all those other things in life you should be doing, you know the things cool hip people do but you don't. umm i mean yeah! I totally do all that stuff! :P She was across the table and I didn't get to talk to her much until Jerry left. He is such a time hog :P~. The rest of the night of the night we all spent giggling and scheming. She is a bad, bad influence.

Jerry (BACONand I seem to end up sitting together a lot. We just seem to have a lot in common. I have to say, he is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met. Of course this must be a front right? I have bacon cards on my fridge, he sneaks them into your cig pack when you aren't looking. Like you can smoke bacon.. oh wait.. He feeds you desserts then tries to get you arrested.. he gives you horrible nicknames! He may try to lure you in with his whole good guy thing, but next thing you know people are calling you Gertrude all over.

I was a little shocked When I met Nils(NILS in real life. He isn't nearly as mean as he is on the internet lol (OK he isn't really mean, he just likes to bust my balls on the internet, in real I think he is chicken. Yeah, I said it! ) He also likes to find you weakness and taunt you with it on twitter. He sends me unicorn stuff over and over to make me cry.

Paul (FAULTYis pretty hard to describe. To be honest, when he showed up at the meetup, I had no clue where he was. Seems he is pretty low key on twitter and Empire Ave. Then you meet him in real life. He is so insanely animated, he talks and talks and talks, his face is gets all  into everything he says! You realize you have just lost an hour of your life laughing your ass off listening to a story from him. He has an evil streak. Since I guess he is an awful photographer and can't take a half decent pic of me, like Kris can, he has to post every awful awful pic of me he takes onto twitter and pretend it is me that is not  photogenic. #sigh

Angel Allin..(AZILLA you know how you meet someone and it just kinda clicks. I dunno what it is, she reminds me of someone I used to know and like, so I think she blindsided me a bit. I thought she would be all nice and sweet like she looks, but she is right in on the evil scheming too, so I dunno, I am trying to stay FAR FAR away so I don't get pulled into the darkside. She tweets about bicycles a lot. and well we know that all the super villians ride pinks ones with a big basket on the front to carry random dogs, cats and squirrels. Beware.

Kris (KRISis the person that made me go to the first meetup. I am actually really shy, not that most of you would believe it, and i was all eeeek. He was the one, oh just go.. blah blah blah. I was like OK but you are the person I talk to all the time, so you had better be there, I won't know anyone. So he shows up late, sits waaaaay across the table, I barely get to say hi and then he is gone! :/ I was duped! I got to really talk to him for a while at the last one. I would say he is super easy to talk to, smart and a really really nice guy, but it would ruin my talking mean about everyone thing, so I won't. :P

So that is my ticker Tuesday for today. Dunno what their stocks are worth, but when it comes to people I connect with off the internet, they are worth more than any stock price could measure.

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