Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ways to get noticed

Ok, So you updated your profile picture. You have been updating your status so you don’t look inactive. You tweeted a bit and updated your facebook status a couple of times. Now what?

Now you need to start getting people’s attention. There are lots of easy ways to do this.

1. Start following people. Clicking that follow button on someone’s profile gets their attention. They will more than likely go look at your profile when you do it, and if your stock looks attractive they might even buy. I have had a lot of people who come back from being inactive just start following me. I go look go ooooh, and buy. I am making good money off of those stocks too! Please feel free to keep poking me when you come back from inactive :)

2. Put up an ad. I love reading the ads. Even if I am maxed out in someone and they have a funny ad, I click it. It is like the fray like button. :)

3. Buy a few stocks in people. You do not have to max them out. 10 stocks is enough to get their attention. And those 10 stocks in your portfolio is enough for you to be able to watch their stock price and see if you want to go buy more.

4. Tweet your ticker! We are watching. Tweet something interesting enough to get retweeted and your ticker is getting spread all over twitter.

5. Write a blog post about Empire Ave! Everyone loves to retweet those! Lots of exposure. And then people are coming to your blog to see what that is about anyway. You might get some new readers.

6. Don’t be afraid to have conversations on shout outs. I have bought people that I see talking to other people. It is really easy to blend in here, but real easy to stand out as well.

7. If you have time, don’t buy all your stocks at once. Buy one person, then a little bit later buy another. You are spreading yourself out through the home feed and getting your name up there over and over. You are more likely to hit other people reading it (assuming they are following you) if you do a little bit a little more often.

8. When you read someone’s blog. Leave a nice little comment. We are all reading each others blogs, and it is a nice thank you to whoever wrote it. I like reading blog comments, it is another nice little plug for you, and you are showing yourself being nice again. Unless you are being a comment jerk.. then we will just laugh and sell ya :P

9. Promotions! Knaves gave away games! And chocolate bars! and until he moved his twitter account and had to start a new one for it.. he RULED that board. Offering to buy back people who buy you always seems to work. When I see those ads I go buy. I don’t expect them to buy ME back, I am a little expensive, but I know people will buy them and I will make money. And I can help fund their promotion a little.

10. Unlock achievements. This shows up in the home feed, and we go oohh someone active. plus when we go look at your profile and you have an achievement done lately, we don’t have to try and figure out if you are active or not.

That is what I have for today. Anyone else want to chime in with what they do to get noticed?

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  1. I good way to get noticed is to actually visit and comment on someone's blog. It stays around forever and helps out on a whole different level. (e)INETEC