Sunday, July 4, 2010

Twitter Tips

Ok, so I had a twitter before I joined Empire Avenue, but I didn’t use it much. I was pretty much just hashtag warring with BBOY all day. (our hashtags would sort of beat each other up, or be mean, you don’t wanna know trust me)

Being that I didn’t really get twitter, I have been nerding up fast, and figured I would share for the other people who aren’t very good at twitter either lol

We use the hashtag #empireave. This means when you post something about Empire Avenue, you just add “#empireave” to the tweet. This way the people looking to see what the conversation about EA is about right now can put #empireave into the search box and see who needs a blog endorsed, who people think you should buy, people you might want to follow, blog posts people have put out etc. Once you start using and searching it you will find a lot more information than you think.

If you are using @empireave, you are basically sending a message TO Empire Ave and not really the rest of us. Some are using #empireavenue, which isn’t the end of the world, I look that up too, but there are less people using it, and you only have 140 letters, so that’s prime ticker space you could be using in your post instead of the hashtag. *note we seem to be using #EAV now

If you are using the Empire Ave hashtag you should also be tweeting your ticker. We are using (e) before the ticker to make it stand out. (e)GULROK. This is still prime message real estate, so you may not want to put it in every post, BUT I would make sure that you tweet it once a day or so. When I am looking up stuff on the #empireave search, I will click your name to see if I can find your ticker. If it is somewhere on that page it is sooo much easier.

And don’t be afraid to start following people. I was at first, it felt weird, but people seem to like it more than they are put off by it, and it is good for their stock. If someone annoys you just unfollow em lol.

That is my hint for the day

Have fun shopping!!!

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