Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekend Drop

So Monday, as usual welcomed a lot of people with lower stock prices than when they wandered off on Friday. Shock seemed to spread through twitter. It happens every weekend. We all tweet and blog and trade during the week, and then the weekend comes and I would guess 75% of us wander off to go do real life stuff. Empire Avenue for some crazy reason doesn’t count real life stuff so stock prices drop. Even me, whose facebooking and tweeting tends to stay the same drops.

I am hoping this levels out as more users come on. I think a lot of the drop comes from not as many people buying and selling. So you wander off, your activity drops, you have a little price dip. No biggy. BUT then like this weekend a whole bunch of new people come in, and your stock that was 18-20 sure looks looks tasty to sell, and that little negative number triggers some crazy reaction in out brains that screams sell! sell! Must buy noobies!

NOW that little price drop that was no big deal turns into a bigger price drop. And other people looking at buying noobies look at it and go hey! I could put that money in a newbie too! By the time you come back Monday you price went down, enough to make it an ouch.

The plus side of this is, The people you have been influencing already know you are a good stock, rebuys are easy (and hopefully they haven’t maxed you before so you get the cash) and people who were looking at you before but couldnt afford you, or didn’t want to spend that much get to grab you on sale. Rebounding from the weekend drop is super easy, and once you go through it a couple of times you get the hang of it. You check your stocks before you sell to see if they are just out bbqing with their friends, or took a holiday, or if they just seemed to wander off.

The HUGE plus side of this is in reality you make more money. I keep running into this ‘issue’. People haven’t been selling me very often. The did a whole bunch when i hit about 20. I was their ATM, need cash, sell Fray! It was a little heartbreaking because back then you could see the sale and knew who to be annoyed with lol. Now you don’t really and it is much better. But see those stocks resold. And when those stocks resell you get more money. When people hold your stocks and keep them you don’t. You run out of stocks. And that is really really cool, BUT those upgrades are expensive. They knock a huge chunk out of your portfolio, and your money to play with. When you get sold, it is more eaves in your pocket in the long run. Trust me.

Just go buy someone else you were eying up next Sunday or Monday, and don’t get too hung up on it. Just think of all the money you will make reselling those stocks

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