Monday, July 12, 2010

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I guess you could, however I find the people who seem to jump on the newbies with all their tips crap are the ones that get on my nerves fast.
When you first join the game it is a little overwhelming, and a bunch of people telling you what to do doesn't help much. It takes a day or two to get a feel for what you are doing. And I think you should be trying the game out with what you do anyway. Then you can simply just tweak what you do normally a little anyway.
If something is obvious, I do inbox them and let them know. And the newbie bump will happen either way. You really need to decide what value you want out of a stock and hold to it when you want to sell it. otherwise you aren't getting ahead. I do get a inboxes from people asking what they are doing wrong and what can help them, and i really prefer that. I am not a power strutter so the way I have it now is what I will do. There are lots of people doing it the other way and it works for them.
I would have sold your stock because you have facebook and twitter set up, but don't tweet much, and haven't connected with me, so you get the initial buy, I will give it a few days to see what the stock does and then if you aren't a person I end up talking to etc i will sell. (sometimes the people i talk to get sold too lol) You can't grow your portfolio value if you hold stocks that are going nowhere. That is something you do for favourite stocks, or stocks that give awesome dividends. And until you get a lot of eaves in the bank, holding those stocks is really a luxury.
Getting sold is not a bad thing. there are a whole bunch of us now that really need to be sold. We need those shares back to sell again so we can make those eaves. When you run out you really do get stuck.
take it in stride and keep going.
Getting around and saying hi and starting conversations is really the best way to get bought and then hopefully you have the eaves to go do the same. Give it a little bit, get used to the buying and selling and it won't really bug you so much anymore, until you have to slash through your portfolio to buy an upgrade. Those don't seem to ever stop hurting!

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