Sunday, July 4, 2010

Newbie Bump

So you are new to Empire Avenue and open your account. All of a sudden you are getting love all over the place. People are buying you and checking you out and you have money flying at you all over the place. You think WOW this is awesome.

Then 2 days later your stock plummets and no one is buying you. You start thinking THIS SUCKS. Why is my value dropping? Everyone is selling you. I am going to pretend i am a total innocent party on this hehe.

In order to really get to “play” this, you need eaves. Newbies are a great way for the players to double up their money. Everyone races to buy in at 10 and then races to sell at about 17. They make more money, and you get cash to start investing. Just don’t take that OUCH stock drop to heart. There really isn’t anything you can do about it. (Realistically you shouldn’t be rising that fast anyway. My first day here I closed the day at 10.410)

There are a couple things you should be doing in the first day or two to keep your investors, and get other people to start buying you.

1. Buy people all over the place. You want to get around as much as possible. This is like a cocktail party, you want to mingle.

2. Thank people for buying you. It is an easy ice breaker to start conversations with people.

3. Follow the people you connect with on Twitter. A lot of people starting are not using twitter much, and if you get the hang of it and start conversing with people you like you will use it more and your value will go up naturally, without using unnatural activity, which is hard to keep up. (yeah huge run on sentence .. shoot me)

4. Fill out your profile! I don’t understand why so many people miss this step. We need a picture. I don’t care if it is a flower or a dog or a unicorn. Having the default pic up there screams I am not active and I don’t care. I don’t really care what your bio says about you. Sure, I like interesting ones, but even if it just says “hi how ya doing?” the effort has been made to get it done and you have tried to make those nice easy eaves for those achievements.

5. Brands and interests. It is easy money if you fill these out. And if you use them well great for finding people to invest in. I use mine a lot. We use it as a search tool to find each other. If you have a large group of friends showing up here, you might want to do the same. Use an interest as a keyword you all put in and then you can click it to find your friends.

6. Twitter your ticker! Twitter is excellent for your stock price. The people who have the money to buy you are watching that #empireave hashtag. Trust me. You want to be tweeting that you are around and are joining in on the conversation :) and free ads rock!

7. You need to have your twitter and your facebook and any blogs you have hooked up. The more you have, the more people will want to invest .

Give your stock 2-4 days to find the natural level it should be at. THEN look at your activities and see if anything needs tweaking. Don’t panic about your stock until then.

That’s what I have for now. Just food for thought. And enjoy the Newbie Bump! :)

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