Saturday, July 24, 2010

Empire Avenue and Spam

Ok, I hate a complete hate on for Formspring. This "ask your question and spam it all over twitter and my headlines on Empire Avenue so I can't see anything of value" is at it's breaking point. I don't know how you use it, but pretty sure it giving you twitter points and BS blog points is fishy. And annoying.
I am unfollowing people who fill twitter with this junk. Empire Ave might let it go, but maybe losing followers will make the stock drops enough to put and end to this crap. I would rather have the stupid "buy me" messages.
They are also coming off the fave content list, since I actually attempt to use that feed.

I am also done with this tweeting 10 @names on twitter with no messages in them. just @'ing each other all day.. go ahead spam for the points, but you will lose followers. The points spammers can just go play with each other.
Have fun!


  1. Oh my arent we a bit fierce today??? RAWR

    But I totally agree with whats said!!!

  2. I am so over it. My twitter becomes useless over and over. I have said from day one, I an just going to do my thing on twitter. It will measure my influence properly. People will either like what i am saying and stay, even if I talk a lot, or they will go. It will put me where I should be.
    I am not continuing to follow people who spam my feed. Timed useless tweets, rewteeting garbage, @ replies of NOTHING, that formspring CRAP.
    If people like it, THEY can follow them and vote for it. I think it messes with a good stream of information I have going, and I am boycotting it. If enough annoyed people boycott too, they will lose value instead of gain and it will stop.
    Either way I can get back to having a usable twitter and empire avenue stream again.

  3. Oh, it isn't just EAv, it's ... well, not epidemic, but certainly common practice.
    And people link their accounts, so when they shot-gun it's propagated through 3 different channels. (More?)
    I've had to practically give up using google Buzz because it's swamped by reams of pointless tweets.

  4. Agree about the formspring thing. Been a bit frustrating because there are people who put out good content but ALSO have formspring feeds which annoy the heck out of me.

  5. Well, as someone from 'THE OTHER SIDE', I figured I'd put my two cents in. :)

    I don't tend to go completely nuts with Formspring...maybe a couple of questions in a day. I do have it in my Twitter. I DID have the Formspring feed added to Empire Ave, but then friends (who are the ones putting most of the questions in) wanted to see the answers without going to my Formspring page. So I hooked my account directly to my blog and, since my blog is obviously hooked to EA, I yanked the Formspring feed.

    I don't have it for Empire Ave, I have it because I enjoy it and friends enjoy asking questions. And just like I'm not someone who isn't going to add content purely for EA purposes, I'm also not going to PULL content that I (and my social circle) enjoy because of EA.

    If that leads to people selling me off or unfollowing me, that's fine. EA is secondary to what I enjoy doing content wise.

  6. If it was a couple posts coming through it would be at 4 square annoyance levels (pretty low). The ones that are driving me up the wall are NOT a couple posts. It is FILLING my twitter feed and making it useless.
    If people can't be bothered going to your formspring to see your answers and really care what your answer is, why wouldn't they just tweet you the question?
    And EA SHOULD be secondary to what you do content wise, but for the ones messing it all up, it isn't. It is SPAM.

  7. Well, I have a Formspring 'Ask me a Question' add on directly on my blog, so most of my questions are asked from there and not my actual Formspring page. So it kind of made sense to put the answers where the questions were being asked in the first place. :)

    I do agree that it can be spammed to a ridiculous degree, and it probably is by some people. I haven't seen it get too bad with those I'm following, but I guess I've been lucky in that regard.

  8. And for the record, I didn't even notice you had one. I just went to check your feed. and THAT is not what I am complaining about.

  9. Well, I am glad that isn't annoying you. :)

    I definitely don't 'get' the whole Twitter trend of throwing up reams of "Here's everyone I follow!" lists on Fridays, but that extends way beyond EA. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me (damn kids and their ways).

    I guess it's like a lot of things...some people just go way, way, WAY too far with it to the point of driving others up the wall.

  10. yeah i didnt do one this week either. That annoys the crap out of me too. i dont think it would so much if people would like pick 5, or pick one at a time and tell me why to follow. a feed full of @'s is just annoying. thankfully it dies down in the afternoon.