Friday, July 9, 2010

New Market Makers this Weekend!

Well, I am actually kind of excited for the new market makers to come out and see how it shakes things up. I have been pretty quiet about it, but am pretty annoyed with some of the Avenue lately. I haven't had shares to sell for a while now, and having no money coming in besides what I get in dividends really sucks.
I am having an impossible time finding people I want to invest in. I get spam messages from people asking me to buy them all the time. (I really don't mind the ones that message me to say hi or ask what they need to do do get more activity) I do mind the constant BUY ME messages especially when I ignore them and they KEEP spamming me.
I don't mind people talking on my profile, if I am following you, you are welcome to say hi. Advertising your communities on my profile does not impress me. If i was going to advertise your community I would join it, or post it myself.
Communities are over run and full of BUY ME messages and not a whole lot of real talking, so finding people there is pretty pointless.
I hear that if you buy me, I buy you back (which is usually true). However (and this is an old one I caught on to) buying me, then selling me then buying me again to keep getting my attention. Not cool. How about you stop by and say hi? :/
Spamming twitter with automated or @yourself tweets.. OMG this one set me over the edge. The other night my feed was unfollowable. Yup, I am going to annoy you with a few big brother tweets for the summer, however flooding my stream with useless content every minute and I am done.

I was assuming these were common sense courtesy things, and yeah maybe I am being a bit of a bitch, but I am annoyed. Agree or not, I don't really care. But this is how I am feeling about Empire Ave right now. I hope some of this gets figured out before the 20th and we get a bigger flood of new people coming in, but I am kind of dreading it. I liked that I could find new people to meet and learn new things, and right now, I am really not finding new people to meet, and it saddens me.


  1. I agree with a lot of what you say here. I think EA might be too keen to get out of beta when there are a lot of problems to fix yet.

    I think your comments should make them worry. How do they intend to keep elite players engaged if the shares are capped at 20,000. Once the floodgates open, good stocks won't take long to sell out, and then what? Fiddling with portfolios for fun? Hardly.

    Also, you are right about the failure of communities to become anything meaningful. I see a lot of proably abandoned stocks sitting at 7.00 taking up slots that current, active players cannot get into.

    I'm interested in how you think you will stay engaged, if at all, and what EA should do for sold out players.

    Oh, and BUY ME! (just kidding, couldn't resist)

  2. ha! don't i own you?
    I am not sure how I would stay engaged at this point. as much as i liked playing with my portfolio, I did spend and awful lot of time and effort on it. and then to have it gutted every time i needed an upgrade hurt. Having no cash flow coming on from no sales really does make it enh. Normal players may not have the time or inclination to flip stocks and check on hundreds of them daily. It was hard enough trying to get them to sell me when I wasn't even good value.
    I don't know what is missing, but there is some element i am not understanding here. and it sure seems like they just want us to cap out.
    And even with all of this noise.. finding people to connect with sure doesn't seem to be easy. there is no good way to search even in communities.. and really what makes a good stock? right now (and I hope this changes with the new market makers) way too much emphasis on stock price is on shares sold. it raises you too high, too fast and knocks your feet out from under you with a couple good hits.

  3. I admire your honesty, and I'm not just saying that because of all the eaves you just sent my way. Well, not entirely.

    Your dilemma is what concerns me about the longevity of EA. You work hard, you grow, you brand and build and network to sell shares and then... boom. Done. Game over?

    How they configure the next phase is key in my poor opinion. I do worry that they are not yet ready to address this before the Internet pirhanas (sp?) arrive.

    As for what makes a good stock, I don't know, I was hoping you would tell me ;)

  4. I want to say thank you for your first purchase in me a couple weeks ago. I'm hoping your sale was one of those times you had to sell to buy an upgrade. :(

    I'm thinking--and maybe this is an old thought to folks who have been around--would it be better to give newbies a list of Top 5 or 10 suggestions when buying a mass of their stock? This would give them needed clues about how to build their price and give purchasers a better ROI.

    I ask because I am still figuring out how to build my share price and this would have made my life easier. And would mean I know more and get more even if more sophisticated investors are planning on dumping my shares after an initial rise in my price.


  5. replied to your comment here

    was way too big for this little box. My typing is bad enough when I can see the whole thing :)

  6. Good points! I think once Empire has more manpower we'll see some of the issues with the cap out addressed. I don't think they are intentionally trying to make this an end-game state or anything.

    It is more likely that they simply underestimated how quickly people would max out.

    And I agree about how annoying the SPAM has become. I'm starting to sell people I already own when they ask me to buy more.