Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Dislike Button

I was noticing a lot of dislike clicks on non-English ads yesterday. I was like wow people are writing offensive things in Spanish? So I started translating the pages. There is nothing offensive or bad about any of the ads I translated. Unless somehow Google translate was turning all of these ads into something that was not meant, which I doubt. I could see one but not 5.

When you are wandering around on the Avenue, think about what you want people to do to you. Disliking ads might not be a big deal, may not weigh on rank or score or anything else. But it makes the Ave a little less friendly. Do you walk down the street kicking people because you don't like brown pants?

I can't stop you from being a jerk, but in the end does it make YOU look any better to cut people down for nothing?

Not sure exactly why it is making me this annoyed, but it really does. I really think we should be able to see who dislikes the ads. Using it to tell someone that their ad is walking a line towards reporting it is one thing, being a jerkface is another.

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