Sunday, July 4, 2010

Couple things to know

There are a LOT of new people coming in today! Wooohoo!! I thought I would touch on a couple things you should know to help you buy stocks and navigate the site. Feel free to yell in the comments if I am wrong on anything or if there is anything I should add.

The easiest way to go find someone with their ticker is to add it to the .com/ on the address. I am POOKA so will take you to me. This is a good reason to have a ticker that is easy to remember. I find I type them in there a lot.

We all have an ID number too. is me. When the newbie row gets really busy and people keep falling off, you can take the person on the bottom, click to their profile and subtract one from their userid to get to the one before it.

Share sales and getting money. A lot of people learn this the hard way (including me). You only get money for max sales once. If the max you can buy in a person is 200, they are only going to get money off of 200 shares. So if you max someone out, sell them and later rebuy them they will not get the money the second time. This is to prevent people from buying each other back and forth to make money.

Another thing like this I ran into was that I sold someone and 2 days later rebought them (under the max) and they did not get money for that either. So when you are buying those lovely newbie stocks, you might want to keep that in mind. I have dropped to buying 50-75 in them so that if I am going to rebuy them later, when they do need the eaves ,they can still get them.

When you send your invites, you will want to make sure you have talked to who you are going to invite and make sure they will accept. The first couple achievements are tight, so you don’t automatically get more unless they accept. Once you have a couple of achievements they give you lots and you don’t have to worry anymore. I have heard that if you ask for more they will give them to you. But I haven’t had to do that yet.

And beware of the newbie bump. You might want to look up that post on here so that you know it is coming and don’t get discouraged by it. Go spend your eaves, meet some new people and invite your friends and welcome to the Empire Avenue addiction!

Ok I tried to write that while I was trying to keep up with twitter and facebook and buying people haha I hope it actually makes sense!

Oh and dont forget to check and endorse the blogs while you are buying stocks. It will make you more money. If you don’t have all your endorsements, tweet it with the #empireave and we will go do it :)

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