Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Empire Avenue Goes Live

Today the invites were no longer needed and the doors were opened to everyone.

I made some portfolio shuffles, knocking my "do not sell" people down to 123 shares each now, to move around some cash. I need to start being an little more aggressive with my stocks again to keep competitive on my wealth and to be able to keep buying upgrades. The cut in percentage of share sold value kinda hurts.

I am not sure what I think of the buying 50 shares in people at the beginning yet. I know it keeps the prices from jumping too fast (and dropping too fast and discouraging people) but it isn't giving the newbies much cash to get out there. Although for the record, even though we did not have the cap when I joined, everyone was so fresh off of reset that  they were all poor and my buys were 10-20 at a time. When I got a 50 share sale I would get all excited. If I can work my way up, they can too. I guess I just have to adjust my thinking a bit.

I finally started using the sharedeck newbie list thing. I don't get why it shows the feeds on some people and not on others, but it is very helpful trying to find newbies to buy. Would love a list of people I can buy more than 50 stocks in to go with it too :)

(I tried that portfolio thing from them again today, I still don't get it. Maybe I am not as smart as I think I am)

I am also finding that the cap of 50 shares in the newbies and keeping them poor is slowing down my share sales. I have to admit I like this. This should give all the shares I buy in people some time to ripen before I have to sell them for the upgrade. The 300,000 eaves to upgrade every couple of days is kinda killing me, even though I can afford it.

The video they boys put out today is pretty nice. (I need something to call them other than the boys, when I think of it I will let you know) . I don't know if it was part of the master plan or not but some of my facebook friends who don't even play empire ave have been drooling over Tom. Stalker alert!! Maybe that is why they keep moving the video every time I post it on my wall.

Welcome to all the newbies! Feel free to yell if you get stuck. A few have today and I really don't mind. My inbox is always open :) (or tweet me haha)

Oh and one other thing. We all know how rarely I make stock picks. But this one stuck out today and you should probably go pick up some shares :)


  1. Hey, how come nobody ever drools over me? Damn it. Tom gets all the stalkers :D - Dups

  2. Word has it that Dups was mentioned as a hottie as well......or so I've been told

  3. You know little miss anonymous I could out you lol Dups can see my wall. You better shush on the Dups being a hotty gossip :P